Photo Gallery 2014

Photos from the February 2014 Pilgrimage to the Holy LandPhotos from past years

Corpus Christi

subdeacon and preacher
preacher, Fr Blake Sawicky of St Stephen's in Providence
preparing for Communion
behold the Lamb of God
awaiting the procession
the musicians await
the monstrance amid flowers
preparing for the procession
the procession begins
leaving the church
the procession
sacred ministers with the Sacrament
Fr Sawicky and Fr Warren
part of the Choir of Men and Boys from All Saints Ashmont
the procession continues
choristers in procession
musicians in procession
congregants in procession
congregants in procession
congregants in procession
congregants in procession
interested bystanders
Fr Warren and choristers in procession
garden party


Trinity Sunday

The High Mass on Trinity Sunday concludes with a Solemn Te Deum.

beginning of Te Deum
beginning of Te Deum
smoke starts to rise
a little more smoke
and a little more smoke
a lot more smoke
and lots more smoke
the altar fading into smoke
lots and lots of smoke
lots and lots and lots of smoke
really lots of smoke
the altar almost vanishes


Rogation Sunday

The Sixth Sunday of Easter, known as Rogation Sunday, is marked with a procession to the parish garden and a madrigal.

procession on Mt Vernon Street
procession on Mt Vernon Street
passing the rectory
passing the Mt Vernon Street firehouse
procession heads into Mt Vernon Square
sacred ministers in Mt Vernon Square
procession in Mt Vernon Square
in the parish garden
Mark Dwyer introduces the madrigal
procession after 11.15
blessing the parish garden
passing the parish garden
blessing the parish garden
a curious friend
into Mt Vernon Square
the rector looking fierce
the photographer did not get wet
introducing the madrigal, take 2

And about that madrigal ...

The text:

The Advent's one foundation
Is pilings in a swamp;
The sexton checks them weekly
To make sure they're still dahmp;
If dry rot e'er should smite them
These hallowed walls would fall;
And soon there would be condos
Where once stood Moseley Hall.

Our church is mighty spikey
with smells and bells and chants,
And Palestrina masses
that vex the Protestants.
O happy ones and holy
who fall upon their knees
For solemn Benediction
and mid-week Rosaries.

Though with a scornful wonder
men see our clergy, dressed
In rich brocaded vestments
as slowly they process;
Yet saints their watch are keeping
lest souls be set alight
Not by the Holy Ghost,
but incense taking flight.

Now we on earth have union
with Lambeth, not with Rome,
Although the wags and cynics
may question our true home;
But folk Masses and bingo
can't possibly depose
The works of Byrd and Tallis,
or Cranmer's stately prose.

(Here shall the organist modulate)

So let the organ thunder,
sound fanfares "en chamade";
Rejoice, for we are treading
where Mrs. Gardner trod;
Let peals ring from the spire,
sing descants to high C —
Just don't let your elation
disrupt the liturgy.

(J. Thomas Sopko, 1994)

Easter Day

procession at 9am
Gospel at 9am
kids going to children's church
the resurrected Alleluias
anthem at 9am
Communion at 9am
punk duck
Fr Warren with bantam hen
Fr Sammy with bunny
Deacon Noyes and granddaughter with bantam hen
child with bunny
procession at 11.15am
procession at 11.15am
Fr Sammy after Mass
coffee hour
Fr Warren at coffee hour
glamor at coffee hour
Simon in the garden

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Easter Decorations

the baptistry
the baptistry
the crossing
the crossing
the All Saints Chapel
the north doors
pillar decoration
the high altar
the Lady Chapel
the lobby
the chancel
the Paschal Candle

The Great Vigil of Easter

the New Fire-to-be
water from the River Jordan
servers at the ready
sacred ministers at the ready
preacher and deacon
preparing the Candle
the Light of Christ
the Exsultet
watching the preparation of the font
prayer over the water
transformed altar
preacher and verger listen to the Gospel
the Gospel
the sermon

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Holy Week: Good Friday

stripped altar
the Sacrament
the Garden of Repose
Prostration at the beginning of the liturgy
Collect of the Day
the Solemn Collects
the Solemn Collects
the Solemn Collects
entrance of the Cross
Behold the Wood of the Cross...
...Whereon was hung the World's Salvation
The Choir singing the Reproaches
processing the Sacrament from the Altar of Repose
censing the Sacrament
Relic of the True Cross

Holy Week : Maundy Thursday

altar of repose in waiting
beginning of the Mass
invitation to the Footwashing
preparing for the Footwashing
washing the feet
washing the feet
washing the feet
prayer after the footwashing
angel closeup
candles and greenery
Behold the Lamb of God
bowing before the Sacrament
reverencing the Sacrament
beginning the transfer of the Sacrament
the procession to the Altar of Repose
Sacred Ministers with the Sacrament
approaching the Altar of Repose
censing the Sacrament
emptied chancel before the Stripping
start of the Stripping of the Altar
Stripping of the Altar
removing the lamps
removing the candles
the stripping continues
palms on altar for the scrubbing
scrubbing the altar
scrubbing the altar
scrubbing the altar

Holy Week : Palm Sunday

thurifer and boatbearer
crucifer and acolytes
choir in procession
more procession
Sacred Ministers
Congregants processing
More procession
Double-decker procession
the Collect
Passion Gospel at 9 am
beginning of Solemn Mass
Assist us mercifully...
Blessing the people's palms
view of the choir
start of procession at Solemn Mass
procession leaving the church
Procession in the street
rounding the corner
Choir in procession
Fr Wood in procession
Choir reentering church
reentering church
Sacred Ministers in procession
Sacred Ministers reentering church
Congregation reentering church
Congregation in procession
Congregation in procession
Collect at Solemn Mass
Chanting the Passion at Solemn Mass
The Narrator
The 'Crowd'
Invitation to Communion
the Lady Chapel
Palm and Rood