Photo Gallery 2014

Photos from the February 2014 Pilgrimage to the Holy LandPhotos from past years

Holy Week

thurifer and boatbearer
crucifer and acolytes
choir in procession
more procession
Sacred Ministers
Congregants processing
More procession
Double-decker procession
the Collect
Passion Gospel at 9 am
beginning of Solemn Mass
Assist us mercifully...
Blessing the people's palms
view of the choir
start of procession at Solemn Mass
procession leaving the church
Procession in the street
rounding the corner
Choir in procession
Fr Wood in procession
Choir reentering church
reentering church
Sacred Ministers in procession
Sacred Ministers reentering church
Congregation reentering church
Congregation in procession
Congregation in procession
Collect at Solemn Mass
Chanting the Passion at Solemn Mass
The Narrator
The 'Crowd'
Invitation to Communion
the Lady Chapel
Palm and Rood