Chalice Minister wears a plain Surplice over the Cassock.

Occasionally the CM may be asked to serve as Crucifer as well as CM, since there is no conflict in these roles.

If there is a Festival (or Lenten) Procession with Congregation, CM may be asked to perform “traffic control” – along with TT- by peeling off when arriving at Pulpit (or Lectern) then stopping processing Congregants so Thurifer and all following can proceed uninterrupted to High Altar.

CM, along with other Servers should be prepared to assist MC with preparations.


• The CM follows the Verger and precedes Choir Clergy

• At the top of the Chancel steps, s/he peels off to the left, going to the stall directly behind the Crucifer, and stands facing the altar.

• At a signal by the MC, CM genuflects with the Sacred Ministers, & Choir


• Faces the Verger’s & Rector’s stalls directly across the Chancel during the Liturgy of the Word.

• Remains standing during: Opening Acclamation, Collect for Purity, Gloria, and Collect for the Day.

• Sits during: First Reading, Psalm, and Second Reading.

• Stands for Gospel Hymn. As the Gospel Book is carried down the center aisle, all turn and face the Book. As the Book is processed back, CM returns to position.

• Sits for Sermon.

• Stands for Creed and Prayers of the People.

• Kneels for Confession and Absolution.

• Stands for the Peace.

• Sits for the Offertory Anthem.


• CM stands and is ready to follow the persons carrying the Elements, taking a position at the left end of the Communion Rail. At a signal from the MC, CM genuflects with the others.

• CM moves inside the Communion Rail and stands at the foot of the steps at the North (left) end of the Altar. S/he is ready to ascend steps to receive the alms bason from the Sub-Deacon. The bason is placed on one of the small chairs nearby. Note: Nothing is to be placed on the Bishop’s throne at any time.

• When the Thurifer ascends the steps and hands the Thurible to the Celebrant, the CM ascends the steps, removes the Altar Book & stand, and goes to the position at the bottom of the steps. The Altar Book and stand are returned when the SM finish censing and they descend steps to the right.

• CM stands in position for Sursum Corda, Preface, Sanctus & Benedictus.

• CM kneels in place for the Consecration, Lord’s Prayer, Fraction, & Prayer of Humble Access

• CM rises at the Agnus Dei, along with the MC.


• After the Deacon has removed Consecrated Wine from the aumbry, CM ascends steps stopping at the second down from the top, and stands there to partake of Communion, prior to moving to All Saints’ Altar.

• After receiving HC, CM is given a Chalice by Cel or D and follows Priest/ Deacon to All Saints’ to administer HC to Congregants.

• The Chalice is administered, with the words, “The Blood of Christ, the Cup of Salvation.”

When administering the Chalice, the CM always has a secure-but-flexible grip on the Chalice which allows Communicants to guide and tip it, but not to have possession of it.

• The rim of the Chalice is wiped and turned between each Communicant.

If the Host has not been consumed when the Chalice arrives the CM takes the Host, dips it into the Chalice and places it on the tongue of the Communicant, saying “The Body & Blood of Christ preserve you unto Everlasting Life.” The Communicant should be discouraged from dipping it into the Chalice himself.

• When all have been served at the All Saints’ Altar, the Priest or Deacon will help serve hosts at the High Altar, but the CM generally does not. S/he places the Chalice on the Altar – on the Corporal – genuflects, and passing behind the choir, returns to stall behind Crucifer.

N.B. On rare occasions the CM is asked to take excess wine to the Sacristy. If so, it is important that it be poured down the Piscina, a special sink in the Sacristy. The chalice is rinsed and left there, covered with its pall.


• Kneel in stall.


• CM follows Verger & precedes Choir Clergy (if any).


• CM helps collect vestments from Clergy by holding both arms out for clergy to place vestments.

• Exit, pausing for Genuflection at the Center Aisle, Reverence (slight bow) at the side aisle (altar), then continuing out the North Door to the Smoke Sacristy.

• Vestments are carried to the Vestment Sacristy and placed on the back of the chair.

• The Surplice is removed and returned to the closet in the Vestment Sacristy.

• CM helps remove items from the Sanctuary. Communion vessels go to the Working Sacristy; Gospel Book, Missal, and Intercessions Notebook to Vestment Sacristy; and Hymnals and Alms to Smoke Sacristy. (Alms are placed in the safe.)