Note: If the Crucifer is licensed to serve the Chalice, the Crucifer can also serve as CM. In such a case, the Thurifer can be asked to do the count at All Saints’ Altar.


• The Cr generally has an Acolyte on each side during a procession. However when moving down the narrow side aisles the Cr goes after the Acolytes. (Before electricity was used the candles lit the way.)

• The Cr keeps at least two, preferably three pews behind the Thurifer. The Acolytes should match the Cr’s pace, neither leading nor lingering, so that the three of them remain in a straight line.

• At the top of the Chancel Steps (the three steps leading up to the choir) the Cr makes a slight pause allowing the Acolytes to continue forward, while s/he turns left into the Cr’s Stall.

• The Cross is attached to the choir screen using the ring to hold the bottom of the pole and the hook to catch the pole further up. If the cross in use has a Corpus (figure of Christ) on it, the figure faces the Congregation. The hook should always be checked to be sure it is securely attached.

• All inside the Chancel – Clergy, servers & choir – genuflect together.


The Cr remains in the stall and stands, sits or kneels as if one of the Congregation.

• During the Gospel Processions the Cr stands and turns to face the Book, but otherwise the Cr faces straight across toward the stall of the Verger.

• Note: If there is a procession – festival or lenten – the Crucifer will take the Cel’s Cope to the Sacristy at the time of the Offertory Anthem. Cr meets the MC at the altar rail to receive the Cope as soon as the Thurifer & TT have left the chancel.

• At Communion Cr goes to the All Saints’ Altar to receive Communion, and count the number of persons receiving the Host. Blessings are not counted. Clergy and Servers are not included in this count; the MC adds them in later. When finished counting Cr returns to the stall.


• Following the dismissal, as the Sacred Ministers line up at the foot of the Altar, the Cr stands, removes the cross from its holder, and goes to the center of the Chancel to stand facing the Altar, where s/he is joined by the Acolytes.

• At a signal from the MC, all in the lineup genuflect and turn to face the Congregation. As they turn, Cr and Acolytes turn and lead the Recessional down the center aisle, turn left into the Baptistry and stand in front of the Font. The Cr sets a moderate and dignified pace which the Acolytes match.

• After a final prayer in the Baptistry, all servers exit along the back of the church. Cr returns the Crucifix to the closet, removes surplice, and helps in the removal of items from the Sanctuary. Communion vessels go to the Working Sacristy; Gospel Book, Altar Book, and Intercessions Notebook to the Vestment Sacristy; and Hymnals and Alms Basin to the Smoke Sacristy. (The Alms are put in the safe.) Cr also reports his/her count to the MC.