• Verify vestment requests with clergy and Flower Guild
• Solemn or Low Mass set-up as appropriate
• If not a Mass, officiant will wear surplice, stole and cope
• Cushions for bride and groom to kneel (or may use usual altar rail cushion)
• Chapel chairs from crypt placed on nave floor in front of pews for wedding party
• If wedding party is to be seated in chancel for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, they sit in South choir stalls.
• If there is a Choir, they sit in the North choir stalls (opposite the organ console).
• Small table inside altar rail on Epistle side for holy water and paten
• Paten with small purificator and aspersorium to bless rings
• Lectionary or readings for lectern
• Prayer books for all participants

Organist will begin prelude usually 15 minutes before service. Upon cue from officiant at smoke sacristy door, organist begins processional music.


Officiant, [assisting clergy] and server(s) enter from the smoke sacristy door and genuflect at gate. Officiant turns and goes to top of choir steps to await wedding party while server(s) [and assisting clergy] go to place[s] at sedilia [/clergy stalls].

Bridegroom and attendants enter from the North Door and line up to the right (Epistle side) at the foot of the choir steps.

When the men are in place, the bridal procession enters from the library/back of the church. The bridesmaids line up at foot of choir steps toward the left (Gospel side).

Officiant delivers the charge and witnesses the declaration of consent. After the congregational affirmation, Officiant reads the collect from the Prayer Book.

The Lesson(s) follow, usually read by a member of the wedding party except for the Gospel which is read by the Officiant [or assisting clergy].

A homily may follow the Gospel. After the homily, or after the Gospel if there is no homily, the officiant leads the wedding party to the altar rail.

Server meets officiant at the gate. The server may hold the officiant’s prayer book if necessary.

For the Blessing of the Ring(s), server holds paten and groom’s attendant places ring(s) on it. Server, carrying aspersorium and paten, and officiant ascend to the altar. Officiant blesses ring(s) with holy water and officiant and server descend to gate.

The marriage proceeds as set forth in the Prayer Book. After the prayers, blessing, and Peace, wedding party retires to choir stalls.

Officiant/Celebrant and server(s) prepare the altar [assisting clergy may act as deacon here]. The bride and groom may bring up the bread and wine, otherwise the elements are brought up from the credence.

The Canon of the Mass proceeds as usual. The Proper Preface of Marriage is used. A server may ring the hand-held Sanctus bell if the tower bell is not used.
The bride and groom are the first to receive Communion after the Celebrant has communicated.

After the ablutions, the wedding party returns to the altar rail for the Post-communion prayer, blessing, and dismissal.

Following the dismissal, the clergy and server[s] go to the foot of the altar steps and genuflect, turn, and face the congregation.

The wedding party leaves to a fanfare via the main aisle. Server[s] and clergy leave via the smoke sacristy.

The servers, [choir and] and clergy enter from the North Door in the normal Sunday order. The bridegroom and his attendants follow the Celebrant.

The Thurifer, Crucifer, Acolytes, [Choir], [Choir clergy], MC, and SMs go to their accustomed places. D places Gospel Book on altar per custom. If one or more of the Sacred Ministers is involved in the Declaration of Consent, they may stop at top of choir steps instead of going to altar steps. If a Choir cleric is presiding at the Declaration of Consent, he stops at top of choir steps and faces the congregation. ALL genuflect.

Bridegroom and groomsmen go to foot of choir steps and line up to the right (the Epistle side).

When the bridegroom and his attendants are in place, the bridal procession enters from the library/back of the church. The bridesmaids line up at foot of choir steps toward the left (Gospel side).

SMs turn to face wedding party, and CEL or Officiant delivers the charge and witnesses the Declaration of Consent.

After the affirmation of the congregation, Introit, Kyrie, and Gloria may follow. SMs proceed to the altar to venerate and cense altar and pray the collect in the usual manner. [Note, the Collect for Marriage is NOT in the Altar Book; it will have to be photocopied and clipped into the page.]

ALL are seated after the collect. Chapel chairs are placed in front of pews for wedding party.

After the lessons are read and sermon preached, the wedding party forms up at the foot of the choir steps and proceeds through the choir to the communion rail during the “traveling music.” MC may need to cue organist to begin music. SMs form up above rail to meet them. MC places kneeling cushions for bride and groom, then brings aspersorium and paten for the rings.

The marriage itself follows, then the prayers. Omit the Lord’s Prayer if Communion is to follow.

The bride and groom kneel for the blessing. After the Peace, the wedding party moves to the South choir stalls for the nuptial mass. MC removes cushions.

Offertory follows with or without procession.

If incense is used, the bride and groom are censed together as a couple and then the other members of the wedding party as a group. Then assisting clergy, the choir, and congregation.

Canon (preface of marriage)

Proper post-communion prayer and blessing

Wedding party leaves the long way to west door led by bride and groom. Altar party exits via North door (remind sexton to make sure door is open at end) after genuflecting.