PROCESSORS are scheduled three at a time. One carries the offering basin, one the flagon, and one the ciborium.

The Offertory Procession consists of: the Thurifer (TH), two or four Torches (TT), the Verger, and the three Processors.

At the time of the Offertory, Processors leave their pews and go to the back of the church to wait for the Procession.

The Procession starts up the center aisle, led by the Thurifer, as the Choir begins to chant the Offertory Sentence.*

The order of the Procession is as follows:

Ciborium Flagon

Processors should keep approximately two pews’ distance between themselves and the person in front of them. This prevents the procession from slowing down excessively.

As the Procession reaches the Altar Steps where the Sacred Ministers are waiting, the Thurifer steps off to the far right. The Torches take their appointed places at the altar rail. The MC will be inside the rail to the right to cue the genuflection, as described below. Processors should keep an eye out for this signal.

The Processor with the basin arrives at the steps first, hands the basin to the Celebrant, then steps to the left to make room for the other two Processors.

The Processors bearing the Ciborium and Flagon come up together, the Flagon-bearer on the right so that the Ciborium-bearer is in the middle (with the Basin-bearer, now empty-handed, on the left). The Celebrant receives the Flagon first, then the Ciborium.

When all the Gifts have been received, the Sacred Ministers bow to the Processors and turn toward the Altar. At this point, MC cues Torches, Thurifer, and Processors to genuflect. The cue is an outstretched forearm lowered straight down. All genuflect on this cue, and Processors turn and proceed single file out the Smoke Sacristy door and down the hall of the Parish House to return to their places in the pews.

* When the Choir is not singing (during the summer season), an Organ Voluntary takes the place of the Anthem and Offertory Sentence, and the Offertory Procession will simply start when it is ready, directed by the Verger.