The Vidi Aquam is said or sung at all Sunday masses in Paschaltide.

The aspersorium and aspergillum, and card with versicles and responses, are placed on the altar steps before Mass, near the Epistle horn.

The Celebrant wears a cope at the beginning of the Mass. Incense is laid on in the smoke sacristy before Mass.

All enter the normal way during the hymn, with thurifer carrying loaded thurible.

Upon reaching the altar, at the conclusion of the hymn, ALL genuflect on MC’s cue. MC picks up aspersorium and card and passes the aspersorium to the Deacon, who passes it to the Celebrant.

CEL takes aspersorium, sprinkles altar (center-left-right), then uses aspergillum to make sign of the cross on own forehead.

CEL sprinkles to right and left of lineup and then turns to face congregation as SMs change places behind him while all other servers remain facing east.

SMs proceed three abreast through the choir sprinkling choir members and choir clergy, SD and D holding edges of CEL’s cope, and likewise down center aisle, sprinkling the people, alternately side to side.

At the end of the aisle, SMs wheel around to face east, and they proceed back up center aisle without sprinkling.

Upon returning to the chancel, when the SMs are in place, they genuflect (all other servers do NOT). The D hands off the aspersorium to MC and receives versicles-and-responses card. CEL chants versicles and ALL respond. Following the versicles and responses, SMs ascend to the footpace, where they kiss the altar, descend into line “I” formation, turn right and move to the epistle horn for the opening acclamation. (Alleluia! Christ is risen…).

All other servers move to their usual positions at credence and Bishop’s throne.

The altar is censed during the Gloria.

Mass proceeds according to custom. CEL changes from cope to chasuble at Offertory.