Staffing for the 9:00 AM Mass will normally be as follows:

Celebrant (CEL).

Deacon or Priest in choir, known as choir clergy (CC)

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Chalice Minister (a layman) (CM)

The MC should routinely review personnel assignments with the Cel before the Mass.

At this time any changes or additions to the liturgy should be discussed. (eg. Baptism)

Set Up

Candles lit by 8:30 AM

On the Credence: veiled chalice and one or two extra chalices, depending on #of clergy/servers; the Lavabo; Cruets; Breadbox

After it has been check by Cel, Missal should be on its stand on the Epistle horn of the altar.

Gospel book placed on the cushion on the lower shelf of the table below the Credence.

Intercessions book on the little stand next to the MC.

Bulletin on the chairs of the CEL, MC, CM, and in stalls of Verger & any Choir Clergy.

Water in place on the altar and in the pulpit.

Lectionary transferred to Lectern after 8 AM mass

Entrance & Liturgy of the Word:

CC, Verger, and any guest clergy enter from All Saints’ door during Prelude and sit in Choir.

CM, MC and CEL enter from Smoke Sacristy during the opening hymn and stand in the gate in the following order, left to right: CM‚ CEL‚ MC. The MC signals the genuflection.

After the Collect for the Day all sit for the Lessons and Psalm.

–The First Lesson is read by a member of the congregation.

–The Psalm is announced by CEL and read responsively.

During the Psalm the CM goes down to the lectern and is in place so that s/he may read the second lesson. After reading, the CM goes up to the altar and moves the Missal to the Gospel side of center, then returns to chair next to the Bishop’s Throne.

During the Gospel Hymn, MC gets the Gospel Book, proceeds to the base of the altar, genuflects, and processes to the chancel steps where s/he is met by the Gospeller, (CC).

MC holds the Gospel and stands on whichever step allows the CC to be seen and heard by the congregation while he reads. MC has back to the congregation.

After the Gospel, the MC takes the Gospel Book to the CEL for the kiss, then takes the Book to the lower shelf of the table in front of the credence, without genuflecting at the gate.

All sit during sermon.

Creed, Prayers of the People, Confession and Absolution

MC & CM stand, move to green lines at the base of the steps, flank the Cel, and face the altar for the Creed and Prayers of the People.

They kneel in place for Confession and absolution.

At the Peace they stand and turn 90 degrees so that they face one another, with the Cel in between them.

The Cel exchanges Peace with the MC first, then the CM.

After the Peace, CM and MC return to their respective sides of the altar.

Offertory : (CC prepares vessels during the collection of the alms.)

During the Offertory Procession, CM and CC flank the CEL to receive the gifts.

CM, CEL and CC go up to the altar where CEL receives and returns the alms basin to the CM who takes it to the MC and exchanges it for the water cruet. CM leaves the cruet for the CC, passes behind SM and returns to stand in front of Bishop’s throne. MC removes water cruet when Cel is through with it.

MC gets water, Lavabo and towel for ablutions.


CM kneels on the steps in front of the Bishop’s Throne during the Consecration; MC kneels in usual place. The CC may kneel on either side for the Consecration.

At the Agnus Dei, CM goes to side of the altar, 2nd step down, leaving room for CC to remove Reserved Sacrament and place it on the altar.

MC goes and stands next to CM.

CC and CM will administer at the All Saints Altar and the CM will count the Communicants.

MC serves the chalice at the High Altar. (The Verger will count the High Altar.)

When finished at All Saints, CC and CM return and serve half the High Altar.

Ablutions : (Note that CM will help during ablutions only if CC leaves altar.)

If there is wine left over, CEL will direct its disposition.

CC and MC assist CEL wiping out vessels, etc.

MC clears the altar. CM assists in removing items from the altar in order to keep things going at the best clip.

CC moves the Missal back to the Epistle horn while MC takes veiled chalice and returns it to Credence.

CM and MC kneel in place during final prayers, and stand after Blessing & Dismissal.

Closing Hymn:

CM, CEL, CC, MC go to the gate, genuflect, turn and leave in procession as follows:

CC ( if he has returned to choir he will follow Verger )

The Verger leads the procession to the Baptistery for final prayers.

Cleanup is as usual with MC removing the veiled chalice.