• Usual Solemn Mass setup [plus 9:00 AM chalice and ciborium on credence to be used at communion station in the Lady Chapel]
• Chasuble and three maniples on epistle side altar rail.
• Christ the King vestments and frontal.


Sedilia: D, CEL. SD, Cr2, [Tympanist]
Credence: A, (credence), A, MC
Bishop’s Throne & Aumbry: Th2, T, (throne), T, (aumbry), Cr1
Epistle side clergy stalls: Verger to usual stall, choir cleric to Rector’s Stall, other assisting priest to middle stall


• A/Cr1/A stay on floor and pivot – then wheel in after all have entered
• Line-up:
– Th2, SD, CEL, D, Th1, MC
– T/Cr2/T enter following choir clergy and wheel back against front Gospel side pew to allow SMs to pass, then wheel forward to stand perpendicular to choir screen on floor at Gospel side of stairs into the choir, so as to be ready to wheel forward into the procession after the choir clergy.
– Choir clergy and Verger to Epistle side clergy stalls.
• After incense is laid on, Th1 go to floor, below A/Cr1/A, Th2 to floor next to T/Cr2/T.


• After bidding, all wait to genuflect until after hymn introduction, then turn, and process according to custom.
• SMs proceed single file through Choir, join at top of Choir steps – on returning, resume single file at top steps
• Line-up at conclusion of procession
– Altar steps: A, Th2, SD, CEL, D, Th1, MC, A
• – Back line-up: Cr2, T,T, Cr1.(Crucifers place crosses in holders in choir screen)
• At conclusion of hymn, all genuflect – TT go to sacristy, deposit torches, and re-enter through altar rail opening at Bishop’s Throne
• Note: As is our custom with all festal Masses, there is no Introit, Opening Acclamation or Collect for Purity


• SMs ascend steps, kiss altar, cense – then go to center-I to stand for remainder of Kyrie


• SMs remain in center-I for opening choral measures – at MC’s cue, SMs turn right (in parallel), descend steps, turn and sit at sedilia for remainder of Gloria – all others sit


• At conclusion of Gloria, all stand on MC’s cue
• SMs go to center of pavement, form center I – split for bidding, turn right to form straight I at epistle horn for Collect of the Day – MC puts Missal on altar
• After CEL chants Collect, SMs go to sedilia, as usual
• Everything proceeds as usual until conclusion of epistle


• At conclusion of epistle, SD moves book, but then goes to sedilia and remains standing
• MC cues all to stand for gradual and tract
• At MC’s cue – at beginning of verse 3 of the Golden Sequence – Th enters and all proceeds as usual for Gospel, homily, etc.


• At conclusion of sermon, all stand – SMs remain standing at sedilia
• After opening measures of Creed – at MC’s cue – all sit
• At MC’s cue, all stand, and genuflect for the Incarnatus
• At MC’s cue, all stand and resume seats
• Prayers, Confession, Absolution, and Peace proceed as usual


• After the Peace, Th leads in TT via Bishop’s Throne altar rail opening At MC’s cue, Th and TT genuflect, and Th proceeds to sedilia, where incense is laid on
• Procession is executed as usual, except that at its conclusion, Th, TT and processors form above altar rail – SMs stand on bottom altar step (not pavement) to receive the gifts
• After the customary genuflection, processors exit, TT, move forward and rest torches on bottom step for the conclusion of hymn, Sursum Corda, Proper Preface, Sanctus, and Benedictus
• Censing sequence: Th censes SMs as usual, goes to center behind SD, censes MC, servers on Gospel side, servers on epistle side – then proceeds directly to top of Choir steps (between Verger and Crucifer’s stalls), turns, censes clergy in hierarchical order, then Gospel side of Choir, then epistle side of Choir – then turns, descends steps to floor and censes people with full swings as usual – the rest proceeds as usual


• All stand in their customary places


• The Mass proceeds as usual


• All stand, TT exit, deposit their torches and return as usual
• All servers receive communion during Agnus Dei:Priest and CM go to Gospel steps, TT receive in place at Bishop’s throne – Clergy, Verger go to epistle steps, while MC and AAs receive in place
• Distribution of elements:
– All Saints: Priest (ciborium), Crucifer1 (chalice), Torchbearer (counting)
– Lady Chapel: Priest (ciborium), Verger (chalice), Acolyte (counting)


• As usual

• After the Blessing, SMs turn and go to the sedilia, where celebrant is assisted to change into cope.
• TT go to smoke sacristy to retrieve torches (leave them lighted after communion.) On MC’s cue, TT lead Th1+2 in and go to usual positions above rail. MC cues TT and Th’s to genuflect, Th’s go to sedilia to have thuribles charged, and then go back to center, genuflect, and go below rail.
• Cr’s go to stand (without crosses) in front of choir stalls. Face east.
• Led by A1, SM’s , MC and A2 line up at foot of altar steps. Te Deum begins Th’s swinging thuribles lavishly.


• Upon conclusion of Te Deum, MC cues ALL to genuflect.
• As organ accompaniment begins, ALL turn to face the congregation. Cr’s retrieve crosses. AAs go to join Cr1 – then A/Cr1/A lead procession out the long way.
• Verger and choir clergy follow A/Cr1/A.
• TT go to join Cr2.
• MC and SMs follow.
• Thurifers exit to smoke sacristy.