These notes are provided in case we find ourselves with less than a full complement of servers. In this situation, the Acolytes will double as Torches at the Offertory, so that the complete roster consists of [CEL, D,] SD, MC, TH, AA, and CR.

ALL enter through the north door in the usual order. In the absence of TT, MC immediately follows CM(s). The entrance procession is as usual, up the north aisle and down the center aisle. The lineup at the altar steps is the same except for the absence of TT below the rail. ALL genuflect at the conclusion of the hymn and not before! The Choir begins the Introit, the SMs ascend to the altar, and the MC, TH, and AA proceed single file to the credence. AA put up their candles and TH brings thurible up to CEL for the Introit censing.

The Mass proceeds according to custom until the Offertory, at which time the AAs pick up their candles and go to meet TH when he/she enters to have incense laid on – the same procedure as at the beginning of the Gospel procession lineup. AAs and TH genuflect, but AAs remain in place while TH goes to have incense laid on – they do not split, as at the Gospel.

TH has incense laid on and returns to place between AAs. They genuflect on MC’s cue, turn and depart the usual way, through the Choir, up the south aisle through the Baptistry, led by TH.

When the Offertory is brought up, following the reception of the gifts by SMs, AA, TH, and Processors genuflect at MC’s cue as usual. Processors exit via Smoke Sacristy. TH enters via side as usual. AAs come together at center opening in altar rail and, without genuflecting again, proceed single file to credence and put up their candles, and immediately pick up water cruet and ascend to side step to receive offering bason from SD and hand off water for commingling.

The Mass continues according to custom. AAs will count Communions at the High Altar – not including themselves or other servers, who are counted by the MC – and CR will count at All Saints, as usual.