Called to love and serve

Opportunities to serve exist within worship, community outreach, and Christian formation.

Weekly Meal

Every week, we host the city’s longest-running free meal for the needy. Everyone is a welcome guest in our parish hall every Tuesday night. In obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ’s commandment to feed and clothe anyone in need, we offer hospitality to all who stand in need.

To serve our guests at the Tuesday night community supper, contact Karen Harrington.


Stewardship of our time, talents, and resources is an obligation upon all followers of Christ, who summons us to generosity and sacrifice. Anyone can give of whatever they have to offer, and all should do what they can to support the parish’s common spiritual life and outreach. Formal membership at The Advent entails making an annual financial pledge.

To make an annual pledge, contact Xander Mojarrab.

Altar Service

Serving at the altar is a vital ministry that is at the heart of the liturgy. Thurifers, crucifers, torchbearers, acolytes, subdeacons and more have the privilege of supporting the clergy and guiding the congregation through the Mass. Training is required for these rewarding and spiritually enriching roles.

To volunteer to serve at the altar at the 9 am sung mass, contact Paul Roberts.

To volunteer to serve at the altar at the 11 am solemn mass, contact Julianne Turé.

Coffee Hour

Coffee hour at The Advent is more than a get-together. It is our best opportunity to strengthen our community of faith, to build up and sustain relationships of mutual care and concern, and to welcome newcomers into our midst. This cherished act of hospitality is one that parishioners exercise in one another’s service, and we welcome your involvement.

To serve at one of our weekly coffee hours, contact Karen Harrington.


Psalm 84 proclaims: “I had rather be a door-keeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of ungodliness.” Ushers have the privilege of attending to the sacred space of The Advent and welcoming newcomers to this holy place. These ministers ensure that worship here is reverent but accessible and friendly.

To serve as an usher at the 9 am sung mass, contact John Boyd.

To serve as an usher at the 11 am high solemn mass, contact Kyriell Paleologue.


Proclaiming the word of God as found in Holy Scripture is essential to the Mass. Readers are blessed with the opportunity to open the Bible to the congregation, readying their hearts and minds to hear the sermon. The Advent has no amplification, so some practice is required.

To volunteer as a reader at the 9 am sung mass, contact Paul Roberts.

Are you a volunteer?

Offering our time, talents, and resources for God’s kingdom

Christian Stewardship is an opportunity to share God’s work in our lives with our community. We seek to be faithful stewards of what God has entrusted to us, to use our time, talents, and resources to support our parish and where there is need. Giving in any measure is evidence of our gratitude for God who loves us.

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